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The play group courses are parent-child groups for children aged one to three.

spielraum2Each child is born as a complete person who develop actively and independently. Children are driven to learn through motion, sensory experiences and play. At the same time, babies and toddlers are completely dependent on care and attention from adults. In such moments, children make vital experiences in contact with their parents, with their own bodies, and with how adults receive and respect their signals.

The Hungarian paediatrician Emmi Pikler demonstrated how even babies and toddlers are capable of a free motor development when given the chance. She also underlined the importance of affectionate care and attention from parents.

Within the past twenty years, parents from various cities and countries created play groups based on Emmi Pikler, Elfriede Hengstenberg and Rebeca and Mauricio Wild.
  • A carefully prepared environment offers children the opportunity to play and experience motion according to their developmental needs. Here children can be independently active and choose between a broad variety of activities catered to their interests: they can crawl, take things in their hands, stand up, climb, balance, slide, discover various materials, etc.
  • The adults make an effort to accompany the children respectfully without interfering or disturbing them.
  • The course instructor supports the parents in focusing their attention and gaining trust in the children's independent impulses.
  • In evening meetings for parents, we discuss dealing with boundaries, preparing the environment, mindful care, and many other topics.
In contrast to our goals at the play room, the trend in our society is to put children into institutional care as early as possible. Parents who choose to care for their young children themselves, and give a large portion of their time to their families, are met with structural difficulties instead of real support.

Our work is aimed at parents, who wish to care for their children themselves, and who see living with children as a learning experience.

Our goal is to support parents in taking new paths right from the beginning of their parental careers. For this reason, the play group was created alongside our kindergarten and school.

At this time no courses are scheduled. However, we offer interested parents the opportunity to meet with us to gain further information, to get to know appropriate equipment for motion and play as well as become familiar with our work here at MATURANAHAUS Emmendingen.
There is also the possibility to meet with like-minded parents of young children and to form new course groups.