An afternoon in the kindergarten!

Amendment of the Private Schools Act

Law draft in the "Landtag" (state parliament)

Still before the summer break, the Landtag (state parliament) is to discuss the amendment of the Private School Law at the first reading. The law draft with the changes to private school funding is already available to the AGFS. In June, the AGFS submitted an opinion on this subject, which once again hinted at the need of revision concerning the segregating ban, the compensation claim and the reporting system.

Currently it is undetermined whether this need for revision will be regarded in the legislative process. For your overview, you will find here a synopsis, which compares the current legal text, the new formulation and the opinion of the AGFS.

Amendments on hand

Almost three months after the Minister of Education, Dr. Susanne Eisenmann promised the future 80% compensation of the free schools at the rally in the Schlossplatz, the new version of the private school law is now available. The AGFS has two weeks now to give a statement.

In the press conference on May 23rd Mrs. Dr. Eisenmann called the statutory anchoring of the 80% subsidies for free schools as a milestone. Prime Minister Kretschmann presented the amendment of the law in person and emphasized that it was a major contribution to good education in the state and an avowal to free schooling.

The Board of the AGFS welcomes the amendment, which will be brought to the Landtag before the summer break. However, the representatives of the free schooling will also have to use the coming two weeks in their comments to draw attention to the points where there is still no consensus.

That is, inter alia, the self contribution of 10% claimed by the state, which the AGFS considers too high; until now, 4% have been assumed(or presupposed) in this context.

In addition, there is so far no joint working group,
despite the promises made by the Ministry of Culture, that the reporting system shall be drawn up in cooperation with representatives of the Free Schools.

Successful Rally

A Big Thank to All!

Since we are now completely dry again, we would like to thank all of you, also on behalf of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Freier Schulen, for your participation in the mass rally on March 9th!


More than 11,000 pupils, teachers and parents participated in the rally at the Stuttgart Schlossplatz. The event became a great success. The pupils presented the diversity of free schooling by a great stage program and 11,000 voices sang as a mass choir "Education is free".

80% into the law

During the rally Minister of Education Dr. Susanne Eisenmann and several deputies declared themselves in favor of free schooling. The Minister promised that they would propose to the Landtag to legally anchor the 80% basic subsidy for free schools.

Next round of negotiations

The AGFS representatives are continuing their negotiations with the Ministry of Culture this week. Once the basic funding has been settled by mutual agreement, now the right to compensation for non-collected school fees and the regulation of application and evidence procedures are on the agenda.

A small retrospective of the rally can be found here  

Lift your Hand for Free Schools!

The year 2017 presents great challenges for the free schools in Baden-Württemberg. In the coming months it will become clear whether a viable funding solution for the Free Schools can be found together with the state government.

High Noon: Thursday, March 9th, 2017 at 12 noon


Schlossplatz Stuttgart

Who we are? What we want? And what we can do?
On March 9th, 2017, at 12 noon, all pupils, parents, teachers, and supporters of the Free Schools will gather at the Stuttgart Schlossplatz. During the break of the plenary session, they will show the deputies how many faces, what diversity and how much creativity there is in our free schools.

"Free education under the open sky" is the motto of the rally. The AGFS invites the public and MEPs to information, cultural programs and debate with the youth and adult representatives of the Free Schooling.

Now it counts! Lift your Hand for Free Schools!

In Memory of Rebeca Wild

One year ago, in November 2015, Rebeca Wild died in Tumbaco, Ecuador. Elisabeth Gründler wrote an obituary for Rebeca. We are allowed to publish it on our website here. Thank you Elisabeth for finding words that look back on this long, intense journey of life and describe the experiences and inspirations that Rebeca and her husband Mauricio shared with us and many other interested people.

Obituary by Elisabeth Gründler (PDF: 37 KB)

The Big Ones for the Little Ones

The new climbing frame for the entrance stage is ready!

The nursery children have been waiting impatiently since the previous climbing frame went into retirement and was dismantled. Now the red-and-white striped construction tapes are suspended and the new climbing frame invites play and adventure: a large ship's hull on stilts, a red chute on the side of the top, a blue climbing net on another side, and in the middle of the ship a fireman's pole. Now they can explore these and many more details of the structure.

And already the watching at the emergence was exciting: The large wooden framework was planned and built by youths from the Campus Active Education Maturanahaus, which had all the works in their hand with commitment:
realizing the construction idea into first tangible plans, building the foundation and the basic beam-construction,then sawing, tightening and grinding the boards.
During construction again and again they improved their plans and varied them with new ideas, which could only arise on the job.
And finally the chute was attached and secured.

When I tried to take a photo of the "climbing ship", I ran two times all around and couldn‘t get everything in the picture. No wonder that the young people were in action for several weekends on such a large object.

Welcome aboard, now you can play and climb to your heart's content!