An afternoon in the kindergarten!


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Without numerous donations from parents, friends and many others who believe our work is important, MATURANAHAUS Emmendingen would not be here! Due to insufficient public funding for private schools, we are dependent on your support. One way to continually support us is a sustaining membership. We are also pleased to accept individual donations of all kinds.

It is also possible for you to help us actively. Tradespeople, for example, can offer us their services free of charge and instead receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.

We provide receipts accepted by the revenue office for all kinds of donations. If you are interested in supporting us or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our donation account:

  • MATURANAHAUS Emmendingen e.V.
  • GLS Gemeinschaftsbank
  • IBAN: DE02 4306 0967 7900 2331 00

Here is a list of things which we particularly need at this time:

  • Laboratory equipment
  • Waffle maker
  • 1 set of solid chess figures
  • Aluminium pulley ladder (to 12m height) for work on our Villa
  • Gas lawn mower with bagger
  • Motor scythe
  • Power chainsaw for the care of our large yard
  • For dismantling: all kinds of technical equipment